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January 22, 2011

Talk Derby To Me

by Doug MacRostie

Last summer I had the opportunity to go through documentary production training with two pros, Milt and Jamie Lee. At that time, Flat Track Roller Derby was just starting to explode in Northern MN and I really wanted to find out about the women who were getting dressed up to knock each other down. Here it is half a year later and my production is going to debut this week during Cultulogy on the 91.7 KAXE Morning Show, Thursday morning at 8 (streaming at I am working on that perfect “final mix”.

I’ll be writing about the actual piece, “The Women of Roller Derby”, and what it is, for the KAXE blog. Here, I am going to write about what this experience has been like for me.

January 9, 2011

There’s a Little Trophy Wife in All of Us

by Doug MacRostie

I expected roasting a chicken to be a lot more complicated. A frozen, local, free-range chicken in the roaster, add an inch of water, salt/pepper, and put it in a 250° pre-heated oven for 6 hours.

I asked my wife, “Shouldn’t I rub butter on it or something?” she replied, “Why? So you can make things more complicated?”. I didn’t answer. “Just check to see if any of the organs are in the cavity and if they’re in a plastic bag, take it out.” She would be at work, getting a ride home with a friend to join us for this dinner. I would be preparing said dinner, cleaning the house and washing every single dish that we own. All with the astute help of Duder, just days away from 2 years old.

Let’s do this thing.

January 4, 2011

A Resolution I Can Sink My Teeth Into

by Doug MacRostie

Last year I made the New Year’s resolution to not make any New Year’s resolutions, and it was probably the most successful resolution I’ve made my entire life. This year, I’ve set a new goal for myself: cook something new once a month.

The Puffy Pancake

Might sound simple, but I mean something new. So, grilled cheese doesn’t count, nor does chicken Alfredo pasta or puffy pancakes. I like this resolution because it makes me help in the kitchen AND will hopefully lead to some tasty meals.

January 3, 2011

My Little Black Book

by Doug MacRostie

Considering that unearthed poem in my previous blog was about fighting with my pregnant wife, how about I share a positive piece? I found a different old notebook the other day, this one with graph paper (how fkn cool is that!). I flipped through it and this stood out. I didn’t date it, but judging by the press pass on the front it’s from 2009. Bonus points to anyone who can correctly identify The Beatles song that inspired the first line:


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