New Brothers Burn Mountain Album Coming June

by Doug MacRostie

The Brothers Burn Mountain have made 4 songs off their forthcoming release “Deep in Dark Woods” (A Diarmada Production 2011) available through ReverbNation. Every time I hear new material from Brothers Burn Mountain it sounds like their best work ever, and that’s because the music is always driving, pressing forward, with brothers Ryan and Jesse Dermody jamming along for the ride.

It sounds like another amazing journey of moving rhythms, burning vocals and an overall sense of freedom is on the way – check out the new tunes! The Brothers Burn Mountain are a true original with swirling harmonies, rhythms of the universe, and a style that is instantly recognizable.

The Brothers Burn Mountain - Deep in Dark Woods

Burning Whispers really stood out to me, with such an immense and growing wall of sound. But then follow that with Cloud Woman of the Bleeding Sun and you’ll hear the true dynamics and flow of their music. Honestly, each of the new songs is amazing and I can’t wait for the full release June, 2011.

The phrase, “I’m just a vessel” is used a lot when I ask artists about where their music comes from, and while the Brothers Burn Mountain never simply said that, I don’t think it could be any more true for them. Their music is alive – it’s a breathing force that you can feel. The music is all around them, in everything they see. They absorb it and appreciate it and it becomes a part of them that then flows out with no thought process or agenda – true musicians, true artists. “We have to move when we play – if my head isn’t moving then I’m not playing,” Jesse told me, and I think it’s true when you listen too – even if you’re not physically moving, you’re mind is soaring across the universe.

I am sure The Brothers Burn Mountain will be coming to Northern Minnesota to share this mix of rootsy Americana and bluesy bluegrass music, and their live shows are another beast all together. Check out this video I recorded a couple of years ago of Ryan and Jesse performing at the KAXE Studios:

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