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May 1, 2011

Photogenic Frog Poses for Pix/Vid

by Doug MacRostie

While in the deep recesses of the Alvwoodian forests in Northern MN I was surprised to hear a frog very close to me. When Wifey and Duder walked over, we spotted the little croaker singing at the back of the pond. As I slowly got closer and closer to the frog, it turned to face the camera. I got within a foot to take the pix:

August 22, 2010

Yay Life: Washboards, Harmonicas & Grungies

by Doug MacRostie

Not even a day after acquiring a new instrument a  new duo project has formed. Well, it’s not a “new project” – everything I do falls under The Lab Rats unless there is already a pre-conceived overall persona (aka The Cult of the Sunny Jims). But it’s a totally new thing, and I love it. Each time I started twiddling with a Washboard (with no thimbles yet…) the Duder would grab one of his “toy” harmonicas and start to jam along. And more than just the inhale/exhale – he slides it around and times his bursts. It’s awesome. He did an excellent accompaniment of a Xavier Rudd song this afternoon too (damn I missed it, always record!).


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