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May 20, 2011

Balkan Beat Box Makes Me Move It

by Doug MacRostie

If you haven’t experienced the world-electronica hip-hop magic of Balkan Beat Box, the new video for Move It from Blue Eyed Black Boy is a great place to start.

Watch for the dancing lady at the end: Sarah and I both agree she will be similar to that in her golden years.

January 31, 2011

2010 Macedelic Music Awards

by Doug MacRostie

2010 was an excellent year for music. The Macedelic Music Awards (aka the real MMAs) are an excuse for me to look over all those playlists I seem to save… I limited myself to 2 lines per album so I could get this done quick. It always sucks trying to pick only ten and there is a lot of excellent music not listed. Tada:

Balkan Beat Box – Blue Eyed Black Boy
One of the best gifts my wife gave me was introducing me to BBB; the wild, intelligent, globular awesomeness is a good indicator of our marriage. This album delivers in every way.


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