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April 21, 2011

An Evening with Two Many Banjos

by Doug MacRostie

Featuring live music and conversation recorded earlier this year, An Evening with Two Many Banjos takes you to Nevis, MN on a cold February night for some amazing music in Northern MN.

An Evening with Two Many Banjos

Two Many Banjos is a dynamic and engaging band out of Duluth, MN. Producer Doug MacRostie joined singer/songwriter Marc Gartman before the performance at Terrapin Station to talk about their latest release Fatwa.
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April 19, 2011

Two Many Banjos Feature

by Doug MacRostie

I can’t say enough about Two Many Banjos; the music, the lyrics, the feel – they are a true treasure out of Duluth, MN. Forming new sonic territory by mixing Americana, bluegrass and world music; TMB isn’t afraid to try something new and different.

My wife and I attended their concert at Terrapin Station in Nevis, MN on a cold evening back in February. With the lights down low and the audience listening closely, TMB put on a fantastic show ranging from high energy bluegrass foot-stompers to walls of drifting world rhythms.

March 20, 2011

R.I.P. Marc Gartband, Long Live Two Many Banjos

by Doug MacRostie

You read that right, the Marc Gartband is no more.

One of Marc Gartman’s many “side projects,” the Gartband historically released Marc’s music that wasn’t played on banjo but the Irish bouzouki. Which means that in the future Two Many Banjos will release albums with little to no banjo. I love it :) I did an interview with Marc last month at Terrapin Station in Nevis, MN and he told me that if it’s the same guys are playing for both groups, why split it?


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